DLA plans to gather personal data from 85,000 visitors for antiterrorism and other purposes

DLA distribution center
DLA distribution center
in Susquehanna, PA

The Department of Defense is asking for permission to gather personal information from approximately 85,000 individuals who require physical access to several different Defense Logistics Agency installations across the country, but who are not entitled to use a Common Access Card (CAC) or any other approved DoD identification card.

The goal of this information gathering initiative is to provide antiterrorism screening, detect fraudulent identification cards, provide physical access and population demographics reports as well as law enforcement data, according to two notices posted by the Office of the Secretary of Defense in the Federal Register on March 17.

In both notices, DoD seeks permission from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to gather personal data from 25,000 individuals who visit a DLA aviation facility (which uses a Honeywell physical access control system) and another 60,000 individuals who visit DLA distribution centers in San Joaquin, CA, and Susquehanna, PA, or other DLA land or maritime facilities across the country (which use Lenel physical access control systems.)

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