U-LEAF solution by Unisys helps law enforcement detect and prevent crime

UnisysUnisys Corporation announced June 3 a new law enforcement solution designed to help police departments and other justice and public safety agencies collaborate to conduct and successfully close investigations and intelligence activities.

The Unisys Law Enforcement Application Framework (U-LEAF) gives resource-challenged law enforcement personnel a tool to help them meet the growing public demand for effective investigations of crime and terror threats. The solution documents and logs evidence and intelligence related to criminal investigations, while facilitating the secure sharing of information across organization boundaries. It provides a single, browser-based interface with multiple analytical views of crime data to improve investigators’ ability to gather, analyze and act upon critical information.

When investigating crime, law enforcement officers must contend with a deluge of information from multiple agencies and data sources. With a high percentage of organization data held in unstructured formats, officers are left with the herculean task of sifting through huge quantities of digital data before making decisions.

U-LEAF gives investigators a flexible technology tool to meet challenges in policing, national security, immigration and citizenship enforcement, military and finance. That flexibility allows for easy system configuration as threats, crime patterns, legislation or public expectations change.

“The U-LEAF framework, based on technology Unisys successfully provided to major police organizations in the UK, can give law enforcement, security and intelligence agencies a tool to manage numerous types of data and multiple lines of inquiry, while linking disparate pieces of related information,” said John Wright, global director, public safety and justice at Unisys. “By helping them to mine intelligence, discover links with similar investigations and collaborate with other users, U-LEAF can help them prevent or detect crimes and threats to national security with greater confidence.”

In addition to helping agencies collaborate and manage and analyze data, U-LEAF handles all aspects of an investigation within one application, while integrating data from other agencies and applications and sharing it across jurisdiction and application boundaries. It can also reduce costs by driving more efficient investigations and reducing downtime related to configuration changes.

U-LEAF provides additional capabilities to aid criminal investigations, including security and auditing; workflow management; evidence management; disaster management; compliance; mobility; advanced analytics and data visualization; watch lists; mapping and geographical information systems; and social media analytics.