TWOSENSE.AI awarded DoD $2.42M biometrics security contract

On February 7, New York, NY-based TWOSENSE.AI announced it has been awarded a $2.42M contract through Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) by the Army Contracting Command (ACC) to deploy deep neural networks for continuous multifactor authentication.

The contract was awarded through the Rapid Innovation Fund on October 25th, 2018. TWOSENSE.AI is the leading provider of AI-based invisible, continuous authentication for the workplace. TWOSENSE.AI is a B2B hybrid SAAS product that invisibly and continuously authenticates users by their behavior, such as how they walk, type, carry their device, or interact with the screen. TWOSENSE.AI will be working with DISA to create a government product to further secure employee identity while improving the usability of secure systems.

“Both DISA and TWOSENSE.AI believe that continuous authentication is the cornerstone of securing identity. Behavior-based authentication is invisible to the user, therefore it can be be used continuously without creating any extra work,” said Dr. Dawud Gordon, CEO of TWOSENSE.AI.

This work stems from DISA’s Assured Identity initiative to create continuous identity security within the DoD, and eventually, replace the Common Access Card (CAC) with traditional and behavioral biometrics. This initiative builds on and leverages existing partnerships between DISA and Qualcomm for the purpose of hardware-backed device-level hardware attestation, and Samsung to create the mobile Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) as an extension of their existing SoC capabilities with Knox.

Source: Twosense