Trust Stamp teams with ManTech

Trust Stamp announced on January 29 a teaming agreement with ManTech to integrate Trust Stamp’s AI-Powered, Privacy-First identity authentication technologies complementing ManTech programs, including Zero Trust.

“Trust Stamp’s privacy-first technology has many use cases for the federal government and its implementation within ManTech’s product offering is a tremendous opportunity to accelerate adoption,” said Andrew Gowasack, president of Trust Stamp. “ManTech’s impressive track record of successful government engagements, combined with their ability to deliver cutting edge analytics, will amplify the impact of Trust Stamp technology – providing a best-in-class trust and identity solution for government customers.”

Trust Stamp is a market leader in proven, AI-driven identity management, with an eye to the future of Quantum cryptology and cryptography. Trust Stamp’s Irreversibly Transformed Identity Token (IT2) is Quantum safe from the rising threat of biometric hacking and manipulation.

The Teaming Agreement began at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Advanced Technology Development Center, a partner of ManTech. Trust Stamp graduated from ATDC as a Signature Portfolio company, a status that recognized their technology as transformative with the ability to provide fully trusted connections between companies, coaches, capital, and customers.

Source: Trust Stamp

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