Tim Bandos added as Digital Guardian CISO

On October 7, Waltham, MA-based Digital Guardian announced Tim Bandos will become chief information security officer (CISO). Bandos will bring more than 15 years of experience to the position including his five years as VP of cybersecurity at Digital Guardian. Prior to joining Digital Guardian, Bandos was director of cybersecurity for Dupont, where he was responsible for overseeing internal controls, incident response and threat intelligence. In his new role, he will lead Digital Guardian’s global cybersecurity strategy, leveraging the latest technology and threat intelligence available.

“Tim’s experience in cybersecurity has provided him a rich understanding of the evolving threat landscape and the strategies, techniques, and processes every company should deploy to mitigate the risk of data loss,” said Mordecai Rosen, chief executive officer, Digital Guardian. “We’re excited to have Tim officially in this important role and I welcome him to my leadership team.”

Bandos joined Digital Guardian five years ago with the goal of successfully building the company’s Managed Detection & Response Service from the ground up. That service now manages and monitors more than one million endpoints and delivers best-of-breed threat hunting and incident response.

“I’m thrilled to be named CISO at Digital Guardian. DG has invested heavily in a robust and resilient environment, but threats continue to evolve, so our program must as well,” said Bandos. “As CISO, I’ll continue to reinforce a company culture that puts security at the forefront. It’s critical that all of our employees do their part to stay vigilant and cyber-aware to protect our most valuable asset: data.”

Source: Digital Guardian