Terry Jaggers appointed as chief scientist for Decisive Analytics Corporation

Terry Jaggers DAC 112Decisive Analytics Corporation of Arlington, VA announced on November 17 that Terry Jaggers has joined the corporation and has been appointed as chief scientist. Mr. Jaggers will guide technology development and integration across the enterprise and advise the corporation’s president as a senior officer, said the company.

John Donnellon, president and CEO of Decisive Analytics Corporation said, “Our selection of Mr. Jaggers provides us with critical insights and positions us to meet the future research, engineering and technical challenges of our clients. Mr. Jaggers’ depth and understanding of our customers’ strategic needs make him an invaluable addition to the DAC enterprise.”

Jaggers was a senior executive in government, culminating his public service first as deputy assistant secretary for science technology and engineering at the Air Force, then as principal deputy assistant secretary of defense for systems engineering in the office of the secretary of defense. Following his departure from government, he served as National Academies’ board director, leading the Air Force and intelligence community programs of study for Congress and other agency leaders. He most recently served as an adjunct at the Science & Technology Policy Institute advising the White House office of science & technology policy and was president of the Excela Ventures Group, a private consulting firm he founded.

Decisive Analytics President John Donnellon went on to say, “Terry is trusted among our clients and a technical leader that drives results across complex analytical enterprises. He is exactly who we need on our team!”

Source: DECISIVE ANALYTICS Corporation