Tanium Platform to be used by U.S. Air Force for 15-Second visibility and control across endpoints worldwide

World Wide TechnologyWorld Wide Technology, Inc. (WWT) of St. Louis, MO announced on March 30 that it has teamed with Tanium to deliver a revolutionary endpoint platform to the U.S. Air Force via a recently awarded Automated Remediation and Asset Discovery (ARAD) Contract.

“WWT is extremely proud to provide the U.S. Air Force with unprecedented speed, scalability and reliability required for defending the Air Force Network (AFNet) against today’s cyber threat landscape,” Bill McKeon, Vice President of Federal Sales with WWT. “Tanium’s unique approach to endpoint security and systems management coupled with WWT’s proven ability to deliver advanced technology and leading-edge security solutions to the U.S. government and military agencies will increase security and cost savings for the Air Force.”

The ARAD contract was awarded to WWT on December 4, 2015 on its NETCENTS-2 vehicle for which it serves as a prime contractor. The ARAD engagement will support the Cyber Security and Control System, one of the Air Force’s Cyber Weapon System designed to provide 24/7 network operations and management functions to the classified and unclassified networks. Under it, WWT and Tanium will deliver a single, integrated toolset that provides asset discovery and inventory, vulnerability detection and remediation, configuration management, and situational awareness across the entire AFNet.

The AFNet extends to over 200 operating locations, including Active Duty Air Force, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve installations. The network itself is comprised of approximately 900,000 endpoints (defined as laptop computers, desktop computers, servers, and mobile devices) on the Non-Secure Internet Protocol Network (NIPR) and 500,000 endpoints on the Secure Internet Protocol Network (SIPR).

Tests proved that the Tanium platform returned results in less than 15 seconds on a simple query on all 150K AFNet endpoints tested, and less than 60 seconds on complex (multivariate) queries on the AFNet. The platform, which leverages Tanium’s patented linear-chaining architecture, can easily support millions of endpoints and sustain optimal performance and reliability without the need for ongoing addition and maintenance of servers to scale. Tanium’s architecture will more effectively protect AFNet endpoints against modern-day cyber threats and allow the Air Force to capture cost efficiencies in IT operations as AFNet grows.

“We’ve seen an overwhelming demand from private and public sector organizations like U.S. Air Force to solve some of the hardest management and security problems in today’s changing landscape,” said co-founder and CEO Orion Hindawi. “Tanium is thrilled to partner with the U.S. Air Force to bring unmatched network visibility and 15-second control within its environments.”

Source: World Wide Technology