System One acquires KeyLogic

On November 27, System One announced the acquisition of KeyLogic, an established consulting and data management leader supporting critical missions in the energy, commerce, and defense sectors around R&D, advanced analytics, data science, digital transformation, Agile DevSecOps, and cybersecurity. KeyLogic will operate independently under GAP Solutions, a System One company, and will support delivery efforts for its government partners.

“System One’s expansion strategy focuses on fostering growth through strategic acquisitions,” said Greg Lignelli, president and COO of System One. “Adding KeyLogic and their great team into our government delivery offers numerous advantages for all parties involved.

“By combining forces with KeyLogic, our organizations can leverage unique capabilities and customer relationships to support even more significant growth and success than each company could achieve individually,” said Troy Gregory, chairman and CEO of System One.

“We are thrilled to join forces with System One and GAP Solutions. This strategic acquisition positions our organizations for unprecedented growth and success, harnessing our collective strengths and expertise to reach new heights,” said Ken Bissett, chief administrative officer of KeyLogic.

Source: KeyLogic

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