Godspeed Capital launches Crimson Phoenix

On November 27, Godspeed Capital Management LP announced the formation of Crimson Phoenix, a data and intelligence solutions platform designed to support critical mission requirements of the U.S. Intelligence Community and U.S. Special Operations Command. The platform will be led by CEO Ross O’Rourke, an experienced entrepreneur and business leader in the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Headquartered in the DC/Virginia area with more than 400 employees, Crimson Phoenix is uniquely positioned to provide its discerning customers with differentiated digital and data enabled solutions designed to support critical overseas missions. Crimson Phoenix’s highly educated and technically advanced workforce is over 90% cleared at the TS/SCI level. The platform holds a diverse portfolio of work including several Prime Unrestricted contracts with long term revenue visibility and strong past performance, according to Godspeed.

“We are excited to establish Crimson Phoenix as a premier provider of digital, data, and high-end intelligence analysis solutions to the U.S. Intelligence Community and Special Operations Command,” said Doug Lake, founder and managing partner at Godspeed. “Godspeed has significant expertise building and scaling Intelligence and Defense services, solutions, and technology focused platforms. Through our experience, we have learned the importance of establishing a world-class senior leadership team at inception. With our platform CEO Ross O’Rourke at the helm, we are confident in Crimson Phoenix’s ability to continue to grow and scale to become the data and intelligence analysis solutions provider of choice for our national security mission focused customers.”

“I am thrilled to join the Crimson Phoenix team and to partner with the dynamic team at Godspeed Capital to deliver state-of-the-art data analytics and intelligence services to our valued clients,” said Ross O’Rourke, CEO of Crimson Phoenix. “As our esteemed customers within the U.S. Intelligence Community and U.S. Special Operations Command experience a surge in their demand for data-driven intelligence, our role becomes increasingly significant. We are witnessing a growing reliance on our Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and digitally enabled solutions to meet their mission-critical needs, placing Crimson Phoenix in an exciting position poised for remarkable growth. Our strategy involves expanding our already highly educated and technologically advanced workforce, and enriching our technological offerings by making substantial investments in research and development to ensure we are ready to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients with cutting-edge, innovative solutions.”

“Crimson Phoenix’s longstanding established relationships with its primary U.S. Intelligence Community and U.S. Special Operations Command customers, experienced executive leadership team and highly qualified employee base, and attractive pipeline of growth opportunities position the platform to be among the nation’s leading digital, data and intelligence analysis solutions providers,” added Nat Fogg, partner at Godspeed. “In this current threat environment where the need for enhanced intelligence solutions and capabilities is critically important, we intend to grow and invest in the Crimson Phoenix platform to enable the delivery of trusted solutions for our U.S. Intelligence Community and U.S. Special Operations Command customers focused on critical national security missions.”

Source: Godspeed Capital

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