Surveillance tech Win4NET NxMS now ImmerVision Enables certified

?????Montreal, Canada-based ImmerVision, the inventor of the 360-degree panomorph lens, announced on December 16 that Win4NET’s centralized integrated management solution, NxMS version, is certified ImmerVision Enables®, the 360-degree video standard.

Win4NET offers a flexible, centralized integrated management solution ideal for small, medium and large-scale installations. When matched with certified ImmerVision Enables panomorph mini domes, NxMS users can survey their environment from a 360-degree bird’s-eye-view without blind spots, digitally zoom into any desired area without distortion and navigate within live or recorded 360-degree video.

“For multi-site monitoring, operators need to get the best vantage points for faster detection of potential threats,” said, Sungho Ham, sales director at Win4NET. “Panomorph viewing combined with our multiple monitors support provides operators with the ability to simultaneously compare different angles of a scene side-by-side without ever losing sight of their entire environment.”

“NxMS addresses the users’ needs by providing them with increased video coverage, field intelligence and operational efficiency,” said Joel Schaffer, manager, business development, OEM/ODM – video surveillance applications at ImmerVision. “Win4NET is renowned for their video management expertise and commitment to providing a superior user experience through the 360-degree video standard.”

Source: Immervision