SuperCom to acquire cyber security company Prevision Ltd.

SuperCom 112SuperCom, a leading provider of Electronic Intelligence Solutions for e-Government, Public Safety and Mobile Payments based in Herzliya, Israel, announced on January 6 its intent to acquire Prevision Ltd. (Prevision) as part of its strategy to offer complimentary security products and solutions to its growing customer base.

Prevision is an international provider of cutting edge Cyber Security services and solutions based on leading methodologies and best practices in Information Security and Cyber Doctrine. Prevision specializes in protecting strategic assets for governments, militaries and large enterprises in various domains including Critical Infrastructure, Finance and Telecom, with an extensive customer portfolio in Israel, South America, Europe and Asia.

The deal is expected to contain an upfront cash payment and a potential earn out payments over five years, with the total aggregate payment capped at $2.5 million. SuperCom expects to use its current working capital to finance the deal. The closing of the proposed acquisition is expected within 60 days pending successful due diligence and signing of definitive agreements

Arie Trabelsi, CEO of SuperCom commented, “With growing security needs for nations around the world, governments are increasingly looking for reliable partners to help them navigate this rapidly changing environment. Our breadth of experience providing National Security solutions has positioned us very well as a trusted partner for a wide spectrum of demand in government security. With the addition of Prevision’s capabilities, we would be able to offer complimentary Cyber Security solutions as part of our broad security solution. Additionally, we would be able to leverage Prevision’s expertise to enhance security on our other existing product platforms in the M2M and Mobile Payment spaces.”

“While we are still going through the final due diligence process, as previously stated we focus on synergistic and accretive acquisitions for SuperCom and its shareholders.  Prevision is profitable and shares a similar margin profile to SuperCom, and its acquisition is expected to be very accretive,” continued Mr. Trabelsi.

“We are very excited to join the SuperCom family and leverage its global presence, product platform, and relationships to provide top-notch cyber security capabilities to governments and corporations around the world,” commented Guy Karsenti, CEO and Founder of Prevision. “This juncture provides the opportunity to transform our extensive knowledge and experience into products and solutions that should be scalable to meet global demand, including the existing SuperCom customer base.”

Source: SuperCom