SSL selected to provide high power communications satellite to Intelsat

SSLSpace Systems Loral (SSL) of Palo Alto, CA announced on May 12 that it was selected to provide a high power communications satellite for Intelsat S.A. The satellite, Intelsat 39, will provide data networking and video distribution services in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. It will replace the Intelsat 902 satellite, which was also built by SSL and launched in 2001.

“SSL and Intelsat have had a close working relationship for many years,” said John Celli, president of SSL. “Intelsat 902 was part of series of 7 satellites that introduced new capabilities, which became a standard for future versions of the 1300 platform. Now, we look forward to collaborating on next generation advances for Intelsat 39.”

Intelsat 39 will have both C-band and Ku-band transponders and will be located at the 62° East longitude position.

“Intelsat’s Globalized Network is an interoperable fleet comprised of high throughput, spot beam and wide beam capacity, which we will continue to enhance and optimize based upon customer applications at particular orbital locations,” said Thierry Guillemin, executive vice president and chief technology officer. “Working closely with SSL on Intelsat 39, we are incorporating the right combination of beams to support a diverse array of applications for media, government and network services customers.”

Intelsat 39 is based on the powerful SSL 1300 platform, which has the flexibility to support a broad range of applications and technology advances, including electric propulsion. The satellite will use both electric and chemical propulsion for orbit raising and will be operated with all-electric propulsion on orbit.

Source: SSL