Social Mobile wins AFWERX SBIR Phase II contract

Social Mobile of Miami, FL, announced that it was selected by the U.S. Air Force to design and build a 5G mobile solution to support the specific needs of the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC). Through the AFWERX Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase II contract, Social Mobile will deliver a handheld and chest-mountable device that leverages Android Enterprise and is built to military-grade specifications.

The current contract follows the AFWERX Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I contract Social Mobile received last year.

As an alternative to consumer-grade devices, the SBIR Phase II contract will enable Social Mobile to collaborate with the U.S. Air Force to design and deliver a lightweight yet ruggedized, private label, mobile device with a guaranteed minimum lifespan of three years. This reliable and secure solution will enable the U.S. Air Force to support an array of applications and operations while future-proofing its portfolio and streamlining procurement.

“Building on the success of the previous contract, we look forward to working side-by-side with the U.S. Air Force to develop a mobile solution that meets the needs of their operations today as well as in the future,” said Robert Morcos, founder and CEO. “Our solution will be lighter and more durable than their current device, offer more hands-free capabilities, all while taking full advantage of Android Enterprise with respect to security, features, and updates.”

Source: Social Mobile

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