SMX launches SMX Elevate

On November 29, Herndon, VA-based SMX announced the launch of SMX Elevate. This novel solution delivery model combines SMX’s proprietary intelligent automation platform with multi-competency technical teams to help clients accelerate business and mission goals. This outcome-based approach is offered via a pricing model that disrupts traditional labor-based consulting practices.

Through automation and solution teams aligned directly with business outcomes, SMX Elevate reduces dependence on labor costs and optimizes technology investments to take full advantage of modernized cloud and hybrid platforms. SMX Elevate reshapes the conventional approach to digital transformation by starting with business and mission objectives and making delivery and costs more predictable.

The new SMX offering approaches solutions through the lens of modern, hyperscaled hybrid platforms, creating environments that are automated, highly resilient, and scalable. This means organizations can quickly adapt in response to change without spiraling costs normally tied to reducing ‘tech debt’ or new requirements.

“At the core of SMX Elevate is direct alignment with our clients’ business and mission objectives. We tailor our solution to meet clients wherever they are in their transformation journey, recognizing that business and government enterprises have differing needs based on size, mission, and security requirements,” said Peter LaMontagne, CEO of SMX.

An SMX Elevate engagement can range from full adoption of the proprietary automation platform to limited scope deployment of APIs, connectors, and accelerators from SMX’s extensive library. “By injecting automation into almost any process, SMX Elevate allows clients to free up resources and empower their teams to focus on business and mission outcomes rather than IT projects,” commented Robert Groat, Executive Vice President of Strategy & Technology at SMX.

Source: SMX

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