Siren releases Siren 11.1

Siren, a provider of Investigative Intelligence analytics based in Ireland, announced on March 4 the release of Siren 11.1. The latest version of Siren focuses on ease of use and control, with new functionality simplifying many day-to-day tasks for the analyst and business user. Usability has been addressed with the addition of a new Search UI which is also compatible with mobile devices. In terms of organizational control, a new deep audit feature is available as well as support for end user certificate security. Finally, Siren announces that the platform can now be deployed on top of Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) and Elastic Cloud Service.

Dr. Giovanni Tummarello, founder and chief product officer at Siren, said, “In version 11.1 we are introducing features high up on customer request lists such as deep Auditing, Elastic Cloud and ECE compatibility and the Siren Search interface. At the same time, we are paving the way for future versions with a complete rewrite of the Link analysis stack – which is now over 4x faster on average.”


The Siren Investigate session audit feature allows you to log and perform internal audits on sessional user data. In 11.1 this feature is now more business friendly, making it easier to access, read and understand user behaviour at a much higher level than existing audit logs. Also, 11.1 introduces the ability to know if an analyst was ever shown a specific bit of information.

Siren “Search” interface

The Siren platform provides full-text search with support for misspellings, phonetics, relevance ranking, and highlighting. 11.1 introduces a new optional “search first” experience targeting users who need quick access to data in a simple format, on their web, phone, or tablet. Starting from a simple search string, users get simplified access to records and can discover and explore other connected entities coherently to what is visible in the main Siren Investigate environment.

New Link analysis engine: 4 to 8 times faster

Investigators need link analysis to see and explore connections between records. Siren’s built-in link analysis allows the exploration of every record. This core capability has been rewritten in Siren 11.1 and now performs 4 to 8 times faster across most functionality from user driven node expansions to graph algorithms such as shortest paths. Also, a new graphic toolbar offers easier accessibility and new layout functions.

ECE & Elastic Cloud Support

11.1 introduces support for running on top of the partner product “Elastic Cloud” and “Elastic Cloud Enterprise”.  This is made possible by the latest version of “Federate” – a Siren Elasticsearch plugin which offer real time data joins and other capabilities – which can now be successfully uploaded and installed on Elastic Cloud and ECE.

Source: Siren