ShadowDragon expands OSINT access

On February 9, Hoover, AL-based ShadowDragon, a provider of open source intelligence (OSINT), unique datasets and APIs, announced its enhanced experience for reseller, distributor and MSSP partners, as well as expanded integration partnerships with leading digital intelligence platforms such as the Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS), supplied by Chorus Intelligence. Through ShadowDragon’s partnership program, which has doubled in size over the last year, customers gain access to a larger slate of OSINT capabilities.

ShadowDragon’s tools provide access to over 200 online data sources, including news and current affairs websites, social media, chatrooms, malware intelligence and historical datasets. This access ultimately reduces the friction typically involved with sourcing, collecting, and sorting publicly available information that is critical to modern investigations.

“As the sophistication of organized cyber threats increases, so does the need for cooperation to catch the perpetrators of these malicious acts. We are thrilled to partner with a growing number of companies like Chorus Intelligence on this mission,” said Daniel Clemens, ShadowDragon founder and CEO. “We aim to scale our business globally 100% through partnerships, and are eager to engage with anyone in the business of investigation, security, public and school safety, corporate espionage, government services and law enforcement. From basic end users who need simplified access to data, to robust platforms that want to expand intelligence resources, ShadowDragon is increasing access to worldwide OSINT.”


Many of ShadowDragon’s tools can be integrated via restful APIs directly into other platforms used by investigators. SocialNet™ and MalNet™ can also be accessed directly through the Horizon™ platform, a browser-based link analysis platform that helps investigators easily create graphs to explore their hunches or dive and pivot through datasets to uncover hidden connections.

ShadowDragon’s integration partner, Chorus Intelligence, offers an end-to-end digital investigation platform that enables law enforcement, financial and corporate organizations to take control of every aspect of their digital investigations. The platform delivers value by serving up investigative leads from structured, unstructured and consented data. With ShadowDragon’s SocialNet seamlessly integrated into the CIS, more shared customers and investigation teams will benefit from the ability to leverage OSINT within the CIS’s single pane of glass.

“Chorus Intelligence’s experience working with ShadowDragon as an integration partner has been very positive. Our relationship is strong, and we have a shared set of values. Their team of developers are world class, and their technical teams make themselves available and are easy to work with,” added Neil Chivers, Chorus Intelligence CEO. “Our approach to helping analysts and investigators improve their crime detection rates, increase efficiency, and promote collaboration aligns well with ShadowDragon’s mission. Together, our companies offer a solution to the overwhelming amount of data that must be located and analyzed in a digital investigation today.”

Source: ShadowDragon

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