ShadowDragon enters OSINT partnership with Collaboraite

On March 7, ShadowDragon, a provider of ethical open-source intelligence (OSINT), unique datasets and APIs, announced an expansion of its partner ecosystem through a strategic partnership with both Collaboraite and Vestigo Consulting, which are part of the Investigo Group. Collaboraite provides data and digital consultancy focused on human centered data and artificial intelligence (AI) challenges, offering customized products and applications to enable digital transformations for secure partners.

Through this partnership, shared clients across the globe can now directly and securely access ShadowDragon OSINT investigative tools from within the Collaboraite platform and wider OSINT capabilities the group provides. Additionally, joint training courses will be offered in partnership with Vestigo on how best to deal with the extensive operational challenges of safely and effectively researching on the internet, leveraging the extensive data sources within ShadowDragon.

Together, ShadowDragon, Collaboraite and Vestigo are offering increased layers of operational security for OSINT investigations, building a stronger relationship between the US and UK and the target customer base. This partnership will help operational users such as law enforcement (LE) and secure government communities solve complex problems and real operational challenges with better access to the right data.

The partnership is supporting the role of investigators and ensuring security by design and privacy by design environments. One of the key integration benefits is neutral enrichment, with ShadowDragon with strong advanced OSINT capabilities and analytics, and Collaboraite with controlled attribution and evidence capture.

Publicly available information (PAI) gleaned online is central to many of today’s law enforcement operations. Both victims of crime, and the criminals themselves, have online digital footprints holding key information that can ultimately support operational decisions about an investigation. This partnership will locate open-source information (OSINF) and context so it can be accessed across departments and agencies to reduce data silos, foster data sharing, and ultimately apply human context to generate intelligence with value.

“It is crucial that publicly sourced information and data collected by law enforcement and government agencies is secure. This partnership with Collaboraite builds on ShadowDragon’s long standing commitment to trust, aligning on values of trust in data, trust in technology, and trust in partners,” said Alex Sinvani, senior vice president EMEA, ShadowDragon. “We look forward to helping our shared clients benefit from data to solve some of the most challenging criminal cases in today’s threat landscape.”

ShadowDragon’s tools provide access to over 200 online data sources, including news and current affairs websites, social media, chatrooms, malware intelligence and historical datasets. This access ultimately reduces the friction typically involved with sourcing, collecting, and sorting publicly available information that is critical to modern investigations.

“There are countless case studies that prove the sharing of lawfully and securely obtained information, intelligence and data across law enforcement and partner agencies enables successful outcomes. We are thrilled to partner with ShadowDragon to support stronger information sharing across the secure government community,” said Matt Stagg, CEO and founder, Collaboraite. “The internet does not acknowledge borders and online criminality impacts a wide range of victims. Accessing relevant online information and public data from a wide number of sources, quickly, securely and lawfully to support investigators and researchers is vital to protect the public.”

Source: ShadowDragon

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