Sentar wins SPAWARSYSCEN Pacific cyberspace MAC

Sentar, Inc. announced on March 30 that it has been selected by SPAWARSYSCEN PAC as one of four Small Business Prime Contractors for the Cyberspace Science, Research, Engineering, and Technology Integration MAC. Sentar received a potential $30.7 million contract with an $18.1 million base value over three years, with an option of two additional years of performance. This award will support all departments across SPAWARSYSCEN Pacific in developing capabilities to support Cyber Warfare.

“Everyone at Sentar is enthusiastic about this award,” said April Nadeau, VP (DHA, SPAWAR, Navy and Marine Corps). “We have enjoyed a multi-year strong relationship with SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic, culminating recently in their nomination of Sentar as the Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year. Our team is determined and driven to provide and deliver similar quality, capabilities, and dedication to the warfighters at SPAWARSYSCEN PAC.”

The contract provides for SPAWARSYSCEN Pacific to obtain a range of cybersecurity services from Sentar for research, analysis, design, and integration of Cyberspace Operations. These operations involve Computer Network Operations (e.g. Attack, Defend and Exploit) and Information Assurance and the Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) and Information Operations (IO) functions that operate in the Cyberspace domain. This includes Computer Network Operations (CNO) against automated systems, and the interaction between the physical and biological network that define human- machine interaction. Other services include enabling, enhancing, validation and verification of holistic command and control capabilities, development of new capabilities in multi-dimensional cyber-attack detection and identification, computer/network forensic capabilities and more.

Work will occur mostly in San Diego, with about 10% of the work conducted in other parts of the US or abroad. Sentar will be bidding on task orders and filling Cybersecurity positions across the United States.

Source: Sentar