Kratos reviews recent advances supporting assured defense and commercial satellite communications

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. of San Diego, CA announced on March 30 milestones that help expand the ability of the U.S. government and commercial operators to combat the increasing range of threats to critical satellite communications infrastructure.

With its products supporting more than 90% of U.S. space missions, as well as supplying advanced control, management and protection solutions to government and commercial satellite operators around the globe, Kratos is the leading supplier of enterprise-grade ground segment products and services that assure availability, reliability, security and mission goals across satellites, signals and networks for communications and other space-enabled operations.

Kratos’ satellite business has grown steadily as new technologies and new players have entered the space environment, along with new risks. Recent milestones for Kratos include numerous U.S. government and international awards, such as significant upgrades to the ground systems of major Middle-East, Asian and European satellite operators, as well as supplying highly specialized satellite communications security, signal protection and data management equipment to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence communities. Of particular note, Kratos recently announced a multi-million dollar contract with a leading space-related DoD agency to provide global, end-to-end satellite radio frequency monitoring, interference detection, geolocation and mitigation services. With its worldwide network of sensors and antennas, Kratos is the only company capable of providing such services, converging solutions across the military and commercial domains.

According to Phil Carrai, president of Kratos’ Technology & Training Division, “As the DoD tackles new threats to and from satellite and space operations, and continues to refine and execute on their Space Enterprise Vision, Kratos fills a unique position bridging the military and commercial satellite worlds—something that is increasingly important, as the defense agencies rely upon commercial space operations to supplement their defense missions.”

Other recent Kratos milestones supporting satellite mission assurance and space protection include major enhancements to several core product lines, including a major release of its Monics® signal monitoring product used by the DoD, as well as governments and companies around the world. Kratos also introduced new product lines to support the management and operations of new High Throughput Satellites (HTS) and small satellites, two technologies that are radically changing how both the defense and commercial sectors are achieving their missions in space.

“The communications and security technologies being developed in our satellite group are tightly related to another key commitment area for Kratos, the UAV space, which faces similar signal assurance, command & control and security challenges,” said Eric DeMarco, president and CEO of Kratos. “Untethered, assured communications, whether in the atmosphere, LEO or GEO orbits is a key investment area for Kratos.”

Source: Kratos