Securus Technologies adds advanced features to its investigative analytics product

SecurusSecurus Technologies, a provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring, announced on Oct. 29 that it has deployed exciting enhancements to its THREADS product, which utilizes sophisticated big data analytics to provide actionable intelligence and focused leads for investigators.

Securus Technologies continues to drive technological innovation through identifying and delivering solutions serving the evolving needs of investigators.  Enhancements of the THREADS 2.0 release include a re-designed linkage chart with updated visual presentation and improved speed in rendering and manipulation; new Data Import Tools creating uniformity in the import functionality of external and internal data; added capability to import inmate financial transactions in addition to traditional communication details and cell forensics; and improved user control of the Workspace feature.

“Securus is at the forefront of providing technological solutions desperately needed by our public safety, law enforcement and corrections agency customers,” said Robert (“Bob”) Pickens, President of Securus Technologies, Inc. “We continue to seek out opportunities to help our customers do their jobs better and easier, and the THREADS 2.0 release does just that. These enhancements greatly assist investigators, who are exceedingly pressed with less time and resources to uncover critical information for preventing and solving crime.”

Kelly Solid, General Manager and acting Product Manager of THREADS added, “Even before the 2.0 release, THREADS was the most powerful analytical tool on the market. We have delivered some noteworthy enhancements with the latest release, and are committed to continued development of features that support our customers’ need to operate with increased efficiency and effectiveness.”