Security Radar Integrators chooses Echodyne for counter-UAS security

Kirkland, WA-based Echodyne announced October 7 that its EchoGuard radar has been selected by Security Radar Integrators (SRI) as its preferred 3D radar sensor for C-UAS security solutions. The radar is recognized in the industry as the best-performing sensor in its class and is a critical component for UAS detection, tracking, classification, and identification in multi-sensor systems.

Echodyne’s breakthrough MESA technology delivers a high-performance radar in a compact, solid-state, commercially-priced format for security integrators who require excellent range, detection accuracy, and consistent sensor performance. Because it is a true beam-steering ESA radar, EchoGuard offers unprecedented capabilities for a range of commercial and governmental applications. When integrated into multi-sensor systems, such as SRI’s, Echodyne radars reliably cue other sensors for rapid object identification and potential mitigation.

“SRI has enjoyed great success securing airports and other critical infrastructure from unwanted intrusions,” said Daniel Flynn, president of SRI. “Echodyne radars have demonstrated tremendous capabilities that we and our customers need in our solution portfolio as we add 3D capabilities to secure against UAS threats.”

Echodyne’s 3D surveillance radar, EchoGuard, has been fully integrated into SRI’s industry-leading Airfield Radar System (ARS). After numerous evaluations by National Safe Skies Alliance, ARS has become the leading radar based security solution for airports, and SRI is extending its reach into seaports, corrections facilities, and other critical infrastructure.

“Echodyne is pleased to be selected by SRI and work with a leader in perimeter security solutions for high-risk critical infrastructure,” said Eben Frankenberg, CEO of Echodyne. “Our selection underscores the superiority of our EchoGuard radar for small UAS detection and tracking.”

Source: Echodyne