Seagate forms new business to meet growing storage demands of government agencies

seagateSeagate Technology plc of Cupertino, CA announced on November 12 the formation of Seagate Government Solutions, a new U.S.-based business entity dedicated to helping address the growing data-management needs of government agencies.

The new Seagate entity will focus on the federal government’s big data, high performance computing (HPC), and security needs. Seagate Government Solutions will draw from Seagate’s purpose-engineered HPC and security storage technology – encompassing a robust supply chain, from components and storage devices to file systems – to deliver the levels of security, performance, efficiency, complexity reduction and risk mitigation especially needed in this space.

Deb Oliver, a former Lockheed Martin and Vencore executive with over 30 years of experience working with the federal government, will lead Seagate Government Solutions. Paul Kaminski — former U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology, and Chairman and CEO of consulting company Technovation — will serve as Chairman of the Seagate Government Solutions board.

“Federal agencies are under increasing pressure to efficiently manage and store growing data, and ensure it stays in the right hands,” said Deb Oliver, President, Seagate Government Solutions. “At the same time, they’re faced with unique challenges that come with security requirements and budget limitations. Seagate Government Solutions’ investment in these organizations provides them with innovative, end-to-end HPC technology specifically tailored for their needs.”

Seagate Government Solutions will build on its leadership in federal initiatives, including Seagate’s ClusterStor™ Secure Data Appliance (SDA), the industry’s first secure scale-out parallel file system solution. A proven technology developed specifically for the federal space, ClusterStor SDA enables tens of thousands of clients with different classifications to connect to a single-server storage environment, only allowing access to those who should have it. The solution meets standard intelligence directive policies, and reduces costs for purchasing and maintaining storage. ClusterStor SDA provides the means to implement all the necessary Mandatory Access Control, explicit audit logging and tracking, and encryption and support capabilities to enforce access control privileges.

Seagate is also helping pioneer the Multilevel Security (MLS) Ecosystem, a joint effort in collaboration with multiple organizations to address data security requirements for the federal government. The MLS Ecosystem is a framework of integrated, automated technology that enables secure workflow for government customers, eliminating costly data stovepipes while accommodating various levels of security clearance.

“Seagate Government Solutions will make it possible for the federal government to excel in the latest technology engineered for HPC, despite – and perhaps because of – its rigorous security demands,” said Paul Kaminski, Chairman of the Seagate Government Solutions board. “This is crucial in the era of Big Data, and the group will strive to achieve this by forging new partnerships and driving new innovations.”

Source: Seagate