Sandbox AQ and Deloitte announce strategic alliance

On May 2, Palo Alto, CA-based Sandbox AQ, an enterprise SaaS company delivering solutions that compound the effects of AI and quantum tech (AQ), announced a strategic alliance with Deloitte. As one of Sandbox AQ’s two Platinum Global Systems Integrators, Deloitte will provide services related to Sandbox’s quantum-readiness solutions to organizations looking to prepare for disruptions caused by maturing quantum technologies – both potential benefits and security threats.

Initial use cases will focus on upgrading the cybersecurity infrastructure of joint customers including the transition to quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms. Additional use cases include leveraging AI and quantum, for applications in financial services, biopharma, and chemistry modeling and simulation.

“The threats businesses face in this unprecedented environment are more urgent and complex than they have ever been. Businesses that have the right technology in place to get ahead of those threats are going to have stronger staying power,” said Deloitte Global CEO Punit Renjen. “By bringing together Sandbox AQ’s advanced technology solutions with Deloitte’s leading global security services, we are putting that power into the hands of forward-thinking organizations.”

While commercial availability of quantum computing hardware could still be years away, Sandbox AQ has begun delivering software solutions that leverage today’s high-performance computing power and emerging quantum technologies.

“Leveraging Sandbox AQ’s advanced technology, deep quantum knowledge and solutions together with Deloitte’s seasoned cybersecurity and quantum advisory professionals and complementary technology-enabled solutions will help organizations mitigate risk and protect operations during the quantum transformation,” said Jack Hidary, CEO of Sandbox AQ.

Deborah Golden, Deloitte US Cyber and Strategic Risk leader and principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP said, “As our clients explore nascent quantum technology and its potentially transformational impacts, we’re very focused on cyber considerations. We’re scaling Deloitte’s quantum security ecosystem with technologies, academic institutions, and industry to help organizations preempt threats, transform securely and work toward a competitive market advantage that could result from early adoption.”

Source: Sandbox AQ

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