Salient Federal Solutions’ David Vennergrund speaks on predictive analytics with Big Data

Dave Vennergrund
Dave Vennergrund

Salient Federal Solutions, Inc., a provider of information technology and engineering services that include data analytics, agile development, mobility, training, and cyber security solutions to the intelligence, defense, homeland security and federal civilian markets, announced on Nov. 3 that David Vennergrund was slated to speak at the Federal Big Data Working Group Meetup in McLean VA.

The topic, “Predictive Analytics with Big Data,” was scheduled for presentation on November 3.

Vennergrund, the Director of Predictive Analytics and Data Science in Salient’s Data Analytics Center of Excellence, is a recognized industry leader in predictive analytics and business intelligence. He has helped developed Salient’s distinctive Proof-to-Impact Analytics offering and has shared his past 20 years of experience supporting federal clients at industry forums on such topics as data mining, fraud detection, and predictive analytics.

Vennergrund discussed analytic data proofs and their impact on missions enabled by evolving machine learning libraries, vast amounts of data, and distributed computing platforms that support relational data bases and Hadoop distributed file systems.

He provided insight on how customers benefit from predictive analytic data proofs that yield immediate value and improved mission performance. Vennergrund shared lessons learned from past predictive analytic efforts in federal healthcare, intelligence, finance, personnel, benefits, improper payment, fraud detection, and tax analytics.

“Once seen as too complicated for general use; highly-effective predictive analytics can now be practiced at-scale, by business users, on very large data sets,” said Vennergrund. “The ability to assemble, analyze, and derive insight from enterprise data has never been easier. The growth of predictive analytics in decision-making increases business value as we focus on showing our customers compelling proof of positive mission impacts and increased return of investment.”