Salient CRGT wins $22M DoD contract

Fairfax, VA-based Salient CRGT announced on July 31 that it has been awarded a $22M contract in support of the Joint Staff Actions Division for Program Management, Program Planning and Execution, Joint Staff Actions Process Training, Customer Service Help Desk services, Strategic Planning and Analysis, Correspondence Management, and Communications and Editorial functions. The contract has a five (5) year period of performance.

The company’s support under this vehicle includes supporting the development of written material in support of a variety of program and performance management initiatives and providing editorial and written support for the Joint Staff’s senior leadership, to include but not limited to, the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,  DJS, VDJS, Director, DOM, Office of the SJS, and Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman (SEAC).

The team will also lead instructional and training sessions, to include workshops, and collaborative discussions that enable Joint Staff personnel to support the CJCS’s Title 10 responsibilities of the U.S. Code by fostering an understanding of the Joint Staff decision-making process and preparation of executive-level correspondence, analysis, proposals.

“Our approach provides the Joint Staff with increased efficiency and effectiveness in program and project management support services,” said Tom Ferrando, Salient CRGT CEO. “We are a quick responsive partner to our critical DoD customers providing flexible partnership and options to support mission needs in times of conflict and peace.”

Source: Salient CRGT