Salient CRGT taps Larry Rose to head up commercial division

Salient CRGT, Inc. of Fairfax, VA announced on March 7 that Larry Rose, PhD will expand his leadership role at the company. In addition to his senior vice president of contracts and procurement position, he will also take over responsibilities for leading the Salient CRGT Commercial Division, as the company continues to expand its commercial software lines for use in a wider array of sectors and develop solutions specifically aligned to meet the needs of business. Rose will lead as financial services, law enforcement, and remote workforce issues are changing and enabling Salient CRGT to bring expanded offerings to the market place.

Rose is an accomplished and seasoned business executive with more than 30 years of progressive leadership experience in government and commercial business operations. He provides thought leadership for business solutions and is also a subject matter expert on the growing field of the remote workforce, recently authoring the book “The Human Side of Virtual Work: Managing Trust, Isolation and Presence”. With more employees working away from their main offices, the need to protect data and ensure its security has grown exponentially. In addition, while teleworking is efficient and can save time and money, managing those employees presents its own new set of challenges that are often unseen, including issues with isolation, trust, the loss of face-to-face contact, or “the human touch”, and worker productivity.

“Larry is an industry leader who has shown tremendous insight in anticipating and meeting the needs of business during his 30-year career,” said Brad Antle, CEO of Salient CRGT. “As employee working locations, productivity scenarios and remote workplace considerations evolve, Salient CRGT continues to expand the product choices available to meet these needs. Larry’s expertise and ability to spot trends as they are developing in this rapidly changing area will be instrumental to helping businesses stay ahead of the curve.”

“In the highly competitive business marketplace, Larry has that rare ability to anticipate change and develop strategies that address issues as they arise,” said Tom Ferrando, president of Salient CRGT. “Larry knows the importance of building strong business relationships based on trust. His expertise will be a tremendous asset for businesses seeking to stay at the top of their game.”

Source: Salient CRGT