RSA’s Amit Yoran describes ‘Intelligence Driven Security’ at conference in Singapore

Amit Yoran
Amit Yoran

In a recent speech at the RSA Conference Asia Pacific & Japan 2014, Amit Yoran, RSA’s senior vice president for unified products, shared key insights for how to operationalize “Intelligence Driven Security” through a four-part Intelligence Driven Security “stack.”

Yoran detailed a model to aid organizations in operationalizing Intelligence Driven Security. He explained that when Intelligence Driven Security technologies are embedded in an organization’s security operations stack, unparalleled visibility results. Organizations are then equipped to better analyze the situation, spot anomalies and execute a plan to prevent or mitigate potential damage from cyber-attacks.

According to Yoran, the Intelligence Driven Security stack starts with policy-based authentication and identity management, access control, and governance.

Yoran outlined a 10-step roadmap designed to help guide organizations to pursue the Intelligence Driven Security strategy required to defend against advanced cyber-attacks.

“Our adversaries will continue to adapt their attack methods, faster than our traditional methods can keep up,” Yoran said. “We need to give up the losing battle and instead shift the rules of the game so we fight them on our own terms. We can fight them more effectively, and more importantly, we can win.”