root9B awarded DoD and critical infrastructure contracts

root9b-112root9B, a root9B Technologies company based in Colorado Springs, CO, announced on October 19 that it has been awarded more than $750,000 in Department of Defense and commercial critical infrastructure contracts.

The United States Navy awarded root9B a $480,000 contract that will leverage root9B’s credentials as a pure-play, thought-leader in advanced cyber operations. The engagement provides US Navy cyber operators with the skills and capabilities needed to defend its critical operational networks. Additionally, a leading commercial infrastructure provider awarded root9B a contract valued at more than $250,000 to provide advanced cybersecurity services. root9B will employ its industry unique Attack Surface Baseline approach which integrates client-specific, tailored Threat Intelligence, and adversary mindset to identify and remediate network vulnerabilities.

These most recent awards represent a growing awareness and acceptance of root9B’s unique adversary pursuit (HUNT) solution. To date in 2016, the company’s ongoing business development activities have yielded more than $12 million in contracts spread over several years with commercial and government entities. These contracts span engagements across Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and blanket purchase agreements.

“We are very encouraged by the growing adoption of root9B’s unique products and services as evidenced by these recent engagements and the increase in contracts in 2016,” said Eric Hipkins, root9B CEO. “We are optimistic about our prospects and performance for 2017 and beyond.”

Source: Root9B