root9B announces its new cyber range — Daedalus

root9B 112root9B, a root9B Technologies Company, a Colorado Springs, CO-based provider of advanced cybersecurity services, tailored active defense capabilities, and operational training curriculum for commercial and government clients, announced June 9 that it has developed a one-of-a-kind cyber range to support clients’ comprehensive cyber workforce training, tactics development and capability testing.

The range will combine diverse information systems’ virtualization with root9B’s real-world operational experience in a feature-rich training, exercise, and development environment.

root9B’s cyber range product – Daedalus – is a tailored, agile, and modular platform that supports complete cyber force certification and validation of full spectrum courses of action driven by the specific needs of commercial, government, and critical infrastructure market segments. It is currently being utilized by clients in both the public sector and Department of Defense.

Daedalus provides a platform for users to exercise various strategies in response to both controlled adversary actions and cyber defense scenarios. The platform also supports the testing of critical infrastructure and other unique network designs. The range also offers a managed lab environment to support mobile and computer forensic activities.

“Our Range is unmatched in its ability to provide a fully integrated cyber operations simulator,” said root9B CTO Mike Morris. “Daedalus meets our customers’ need to develop advanced capabilities, exercise sophisticated courses of action, and certify the next generation cyber workforce.”

The simulator provides a complete platform to build a diverse network architecture driven by real operational needs. The simulator’s easy-to-use interface can dynamically build, and automatically deploy, any necessary network architecture. The simulated environment is strengthened with operationally relevant scenarios and data.

“The real difference in the root9B solution is that our range provides an agile, diverse, and realistic operating environment,” said root9B Technical Director, Craig Koroscil. “It also provides realistic adversary content designed to meet diverse client requirements.”

Source: root9B Technologies