Roccor finalizes licensing agreement with AFRL

Roccor, based in Longmont, CO announced on April 5 that the company finalized an agreement with the Air Force Research Laboratory, Space Vehicles Directorate (AFRL) to license patents of High Strain Component (HSC) technology. The patents will enable Roccor to build a large number of Solar Array Development Systems (SADS) to support mega-constellations.

Roccor recently moved into a dedicated expansion of their world-class facility in Longmont, which allows for high volume production of the company’s HSC boom product. The HSC boom uses AFRL’s HSC technology controlling the release mechanism and kinematic mounts while in space. These mechanisms support Roccor’s SADS, enable seamless deployment of solar arrays and allow electrical energy generation to power the constellation via the solar panels. This mass production of SADS serves as the foundation for large constellation support. The HSC technology is also being leveraged for a number of other customer applications including deployable hinges and antenna systems for other commercial and military customers.

“AFRL’s HSC technology allows us to provide a more competitive deployable system solution based on performance and cost as compared to traditional mechanical systems,” said Doug Campbell, Roccor’s president and CEO. “This agreement with AFRL demonstrates the Air Force’s commitment to supporting small business and fostering greater industry growth for both commercial and government organizations.”

Roccor’s work with AFRL represents a technology transfer agreement used by the Air Force to share government developed engineering related to design or manufacturing activities with external, non-DoD partners. The Air Force Technology Transfer (T2) Program was created to ensure Air Force science and engineering activities are transferred or intentionally shared with state and local governments, academia and industry. The exchange of knowledge, expertise, equipment, and testing facilities leverages the Department of Defense (DoD) research and development investment.

“Our relationship with Roccor is a prime example of the AFRL working directly with local companies to transition fundamental research to the private sector to support advancement of the industry as a whole,” said Matthew Fetrow of AFRL.

Source: Roccor