Redwire and sign MOU

Jacksonville, FL-based Redwire Corporation announced a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Columbia, MD-based as part of a joint effort to develop a space cyber range capability for the Space Cyber Resiliency through Evaluation and Security Testing (“SpaceCREST”) initiative. Through this collaboration, and Redwire will demonstrate the use of simulation, emulation and hardware in the loop to establish a realistic test environment in which to evaluate space-based cyber-physical systems for the SpaceCREST initiative.

“A significant and growing amount of critical infrastructure in the U.S. relies on space systems, and by partnering with Redwire, we can use our advanced predictive analytics capabilities to identify and protect against potential cyber vulnerabilities in a high-fidelity simulation environment,” said Brian Frutchey, chief technology officer of “The federal government and Department of Defense consider the cyber resiliency of space assets to be a top priority, and we are excited to leverage our capabilities to contribute to the next generation of resilient architecture for space.”

“U.S. leadership in space will depend on resilient next generation space infrastructure, and Redwire is proud to be working with on this initiative to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities in these critical systems,” said Andrew Rush, president and COO of Redwire. “As the space economy continues to expand, our digital engineering framework will be an enabling tool for the proactive maintenance and protection of space systems for both government and commercial space programs.”

The SpaceCREST initiative will leverage Redwire’s digital engineering ecosystem, including its Hyperion Operational Space Simulation (HOSS) Lab and Advanced Configurable Open-system Research Network (ACORN) capabilities, to establish a platform from which to evaluate the cybersecurity of space-based systems. Using HOSS and the ACORN platform, will develop tools and technologies to perform vulnerability research on space infrastructure hardware components, identify potential vulnerabilities that could compromise space systems, and provide tools and techniques that demonstrate how to mitigate and protect against the potential vulnerabilities identified.

Source: Redwire

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