Raytheon Intelligence & Space unveils Department 22

On May 19, Arlington, VA-based Raytheon Intelligence & Space introduced Department 22, a strategic business unit focused on rapidly developing next-generation military technologies aimed at widening the capability gap over the nation’s near-peer adversaries.

“One hundred years ago, what is now Raytheon Technologies was a start-up in a rented office space in Cambridge, Massachusetts – just three people with a big idea,” said Roy Azevedo, president of Raytheon Intelligence & Space. “One hundred years later, Department 22 embodies that same pioneering spirit of our founders. This team is designed to go fast, learn along the way, take big risks and chase what others call impossible. They are at the forefront of innovation, operating on the edge of discovery with one goal in mind – making the world a safer place.”

For more than two decades, the division operated in relative anonymity under various names – most recently known as Advanced Concepts and Technology. Department 22 will focus on developing multi-function systems; miniaturized sensors and systems; cross-domain capabilities; autonomous mission systems; and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, quantum computing and synthetic biology.

“While we can’t say much about Department 22 given the classified nature of the work, I can tell you I sleep easier at night knowing it’s being done,” said Paul Meyer, Department 22 president. “The technologies we’re creating give us a decisive edge over those who would seek to do our nation harm. To keep ahead of the threat, we need the best and brightest talent from across the country, so we have to start opening up about just what it is we do.”

Department 22, headquartered in McKinney, TX, plans to hire more than 400 engineers, scientists, and technologists by end of the year.

Source: Raytheon Intelligence & Space

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