QuEST Global launches defense subsidiary

QuEST Global announced on May 26 the launch of its subsidiary, QuEST Defense Systems & Solutions (QDSS). Based out of Cincinnati, OH, QDSS will primarily focus on supporting the aerospace & defense industry in the United States and will operate independently in accordance with the US industrial security rules and a Special Security Agreement (SSA) with the US Government. The company will partner with several strategic players in the defense industry, helping them solve industry challenges by accelerating product design & development, supporting efficient production and supply chains, and providing product lifecycle solutions.

To support its customers in aerospace and defense, QDSS is planning to hire more than 1000 engineers in the next five years. The new entity’s core competencies cuts across the product life cycle and include design, high-fidelity engineering analysis in the areas of computational fluid dynamics, heat transfer analysis, and structural finite element analysis, software/firmware development and verification, supply chain, operations, and manufacturing engineering, Engineering Process Services (EPS), and aftermarket and sustainment engineering. In addition, the QDSS team brings a strong presence in digital technologies, including software application development, data analytics, cybersecurity, and implementation of the digital thread into the engineering process.

Built upon the legacy of more than two decades of expertise in providing product engineering services, QuEST Defense aims at becoming the trusted thinking partner for its customers by evaluating and delivering results that exceed customer expectations. Through long-lasting strategic partnerships and higher value solutions, QuEST is committed to supporting its customers and helping them maximize value for their contract spending.

“QDSS will bring to the defense industry the same focus on engineering excellence and efficiency that QuEST Global’s commercial customers enjoy. Our customers will benefit from reduced costs and on-time performance that would translate into improved cost, schedule, and performance in the systems delivered to our ultimate consumers – America’s fighting forces,” said Page Hoeper, board chairman, QuEST Defense Services and Solutions.

Steve Gerber, president and CEO of QuEST Defense, said, “With the launch of our US-based defense enterprise, we aim to continue providing our product engineering expertise to organizations in the aerospace and defense sector. Through our deep domain knowledge in the aerospace and defense industry, as well as our speed and flexibility in addressing difficult technical problems, QDSS is uniquely positioned to support our customers in the US Defense sector.”

Ajit Prabhu, Chairman and CEO of QuEST Global, said, “Over the past two decades, we have been at the forefront of the convergence of Mechanical, Electronics, Software, and Digital Engineering Innovations. As a trusted thinking partner to our customers, we have been enabling them to get more done with their available engineering budget and help them focus on executing core processes to develop next-generation products. With the launch of QuEST Defense Systems and Solutions, our US-based subsidiary, we will be able to partner with the US government contractors in the Defense sector and apply our proven track record and strong expertise to help them solve their engineering problems.”

Source: QuEST