QinetiQ North America introduces DOLPHIN

QinetiQ North America (QNA) of Waltham, MA announced on August 22 that it has successfully demonstrated full-duplex underwater acoustic data communications, using its new, proprietary DOLPHIN technology.

Developed in partnership with Optimal Systems Laboratory, Inc. (OSL), located in Cambridge, MA, the DOLPHIN Communication technology will enable groundbreaking capabilities for the undersea domain. QNA and OSL have developed a unique way of using patented cancelation technology that will enable simultaneous transmit and receive (STAR) acoustic communications.  This technology will make it possible to create extensive undersea data and communication wireless networks, solving many challenges for Navy and commercial customers.

Dolphin benefits include:

  • Self-forming acoustic underwater networks can operate similarly to wireless land networks with nodes in motion
  • Multi-component control networks for fixed and mobile assets anywhere underwater
  • Frequency independence, allowing DOLPHIN Comms to be configurable on most systems and platforms (unmanned underwater vehicles, submarines, ships, etc.)
  • Full duplex communications greatly improves acoustic data transfer performance over other technology available today
  • Dolphin Comms STAR enables extremely low power communications

Source: QinetiQ NA