Police in New Castle County, Delaware, choose NC4’s Street Smart crime-fighting software

NC4 Street Smart
NC4 Street Smart

NC4, a provider of public safety and emergency management solutions, announced on August 11 that the New Castle County Division of Police has chosen NC4 Street Smart as its crime-fighting technology software to assist its officers in combating crime while in the field.

New Castle County, located in Delaware, has an authorized strength of 375 sworn officers. This solution will supplement their efforts to reduce overall crime within the county. The emphasis is to dedicate resources to solving crime faster and more efficiently to further reduce or prevent further incidents.

New Castle County Division of Police, headed by Colonel E.M. Setting said, “Technology continues to change the way we investigate crime,” said Colonel E.M. Setting, head of the New Castle County Division of Police. “The New Castle County Police strive to be on the cutting edge with technology. NC4 Street Smart will complement our current programs as we focus on efficient policing, and responding to community concerns.”

The NC4 Street Smart solution will equip New Castle County police officers with the sophisticated technology and critical resources they need to fight crime and will improve the way their officers communicate. NC4 Street Smart provides a common operating picture of structured vs. unstructured data that lets officers access real-time data to pinpoint crimes, patterns and incidents in a flexible and easy-to-use analysis platform.

“We are excited to support the New Castle County Division of Police as they set a new standard in crime-fighting by providing their front line officers with an application that allows them to better share information across the department, enabling quicker and more efficient crime solving,” says Robert Wolf, vice president of NC4 Public Safety. “When the police are able to collaborate in real-time, there’s no place for criminals to hide.”