Perfecta Federal achieves first patent, offering enhanced communication privacy for DoD & US armed forces

Perfecta Federal of Springfield, VA announced on December 22 that the patent for Bridge, its multimedia collaboration system, has been approved and published. The product’s application number is 15/026, 704, and its publication number is US 2016/0241623 A1.

Bridge is a unified collaboration system that provides a secure multimedia network for users. Born on the battlefield and inspired by modern digital demand, Bridge enables enterprise systems, endpoints, and end users advanced communication and data dissemination interoperability capabilities. Bridge is currently deployed with the U.S. Army and other components of the Department of Defense (DoD).

“When I was deployed and conducting missions, there weren’t any systems that connected legacy and modern networks into one integrated, deployable communication system, controlled through a browser,” said George Zoulias, Perfecta CEO. “There were significant challenges with bridging communication between different organizations. That’s why we developed Bridge—to provide reliable, transparent support to the communications architectures for first responders, commercial and military customers.”

Bridge fits into any platform, including manned and unmanned aircraft, maritime vessels, tactical vehicles, data centers and even assault packs, the company said. Bridge provides a secure, standards compliant, open architecture system, enabling complete enterprise interoperability from team to task-force.

“When creating Argent Bridge, we developed our core approach to delivering solutions to the customer, consisting of a cycle where we: identify, select, and evaluate the solution’s components from the best available in the industry, modify them to interoperate and add ‘glue’ as needed, and test the system in field conditions,” said Josh Madden, Perfecta CTO.  “The ‘glue’ consists of hand-crafted solutions to enable features and interoperability between components and systems. After three years, we’re on the fourth iteration of the Bridge component architecture and counting.”

Source: Perfecta