Parsons upgrades C2Core

Centreville, VA-based Parsons Corporation announced the upgrade of the Department of Defense’s airborne mission planning software, C2Core Air, with a new cloud-native, web-based client sharing capability that unlocks the full power of cloud computing for combat operations, enhances the operator’s quick reaction capabilities, and significantly reduces mission planning timelines. The system is the first commercial global, cloud-compliant airborne mission planning software currently in operations.

C2Core Air supports all phases of combat air operations, from strategy to mission planning, resource tasking to combat assessment, and is used to produce Air Tasking Order (ATO), Airspace Control Order (ACO), and Operational Tasking Link (OTL) messages for communicating air battle and network plans to the end operator.

“We’re excited to continue supporting our defense customers with technology that increases their mission effectiveness, enables faster and more sophisticated full-spectrum planning, and integrates an actionable intelligence database that empowers combat capability in all-domain environments,” said Drew Decker, Parsons vice president of the mission software factory. “New capabilities include planning for air location, attack, escort, ground alert, and reconnaissance mission types, as well as management of all friendly order of battle resource information to include tactical information.”

C2Core is a Parsons-developed Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) capability currently being used by the U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command, U.S. Navy, Air National Guard, USSTRATCOM, 16th Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, and New Zealand Defence Force.

The system provides strategy, mission planning and tasking, network operations planning and tasking, airspace planning and tasking, enhanced ISR correlation and target development, execution monitoring, and combat assessment capabilities to meet critical real-world theater operations requirements.

Source: Parsons