Pamela Lincoln joins SPA

On July 29, Alexandria, VA-based Systems Planning and Analysis (SPA), Inc. announced that Major General (USAF, Ret.) Pamela Lincoln has joined the company to direct Air Force and Space Force program development.

Lincoln brings three decades of diverse space, strategic missile, and air expertise from her active duty and reserve careers. She has held leadership positions in space operations and within the USAF HQ, where she led special studies on force structure and information technology modernization. While serving as the Mobilization Assistant to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force and Commander of U.S. Space Command, she was deeply involved in efforts to create the US Space Force and advance the Space Combatant Command towards full operational capability.

She will be responsible for orchestrating SPA solutions to meet emerging challenges faced by our national security space customers. She also will help identify where space and air-related capabilities can be integrated with other customer solutions. Before joining the company, Lincoln provided consulting services to SPA to help characterize the Space Situational Awareness market for SPA’s Australian space customer.

“We enthusiastically welcome Pam as a key contributor to our growth and our ability to serve the space and air community with even greater depth of expertise,” said Dr. William Vantine, SPA president and CEO.

Source: SPA