Palantir chosen to develop EMBM-J DS prototype for DISA

On March 29, Denver, CO-based Palantir Technologies Inc. announced that it was selected by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to deliver an Electromagnetic Battle Management – Joint Decision Support (EMBM-J DS) Prototype. This effort will provide the Department of Defense with a cutting-edge software capability to support Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (JEMSO). The award of prototype Other Transaction Authority (OTA) Agreement is worth $9.8 million over twelve months.

Palantir will work closely with the DISA PEO Spectrum as well as USSTRATCOM, the operational sponsor, and Combatant Commands to enable enhanced mission analysis, course of action (COA) and scheme of maneuver development, COA analysis and scoring, wargaming, and product production. This Impact Level 6, web-based EMBM-J DS prototype will also integrate with Service tools and processes for Electromagnetic Battle Management, maximizing interoperability and coordination across the joint force.

“The next iteration of the program addresses the need for a decision support capability by providing joint force commanders with a first-of-its-kind planning tool that can automate key operational electromagnetic spectrum planning processes,” said Donny Williams, PEO Spectrum chief of spectrum information systems.

“We are excited to continue our work with DISA PEO Spectrum and deliver our technology to accelerate the Department of Defense’s achievement of spectrum dominance,” said Dr. Miriam Marwick, SVP of Emerging Technologies at Palantir USG. “Through our extensive work with the operational community, we have learned a great deal about the impact of electromagnetic spectrum on recent conflicts and are working diligently to apply these lessons to meet the challenges of contested battlespaces.”

“DISA should be commended for their leadership in enabling warfighter decision-making in future battlefields,” said Akash Jain, president of Palantir USG. “We are proud to have been selected through DISA’s competitive procurement process and look forward to rapidly delivering a minimum viable capability to integrate EMBM-J DS into all aspects of mission planning.”

EMBM-J DS represents the next phase of Palantir’s ongoing investment in spectrum operations capabilities and will support joint planning efforts through JEMSO planning processes. The capability is being designed to integrate with service-provided Electromagnetic Battle Management tools and processes, maximizing interoperability between combatant command and Joint Task Force JEMSOCs and their counterparts at the component level.

“The ability to ingest component-level courses of action and schemes of maneuver into an overall joint plan and evaluate the associated electromagnetic spectrum opportunities and risks will be a significant technological leap forward for EMS operational planners,” said Betsy Park, EMBM-J program manager. “EMBM-J will play a critical role in ensuring that our forces are able to achieve EMS superiority across every warfighting domain.”

Source: Palantir

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