NGA awards final military construction contracts for St. Louis facility

The final two military construction contracts – for the visitor control center parking lot and the facility’s landscaping — were awarded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to two small businesses in February, as construction continues at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s (NGA) new facility in north St. Louis, NGA announced April 1.

The contract for providing sitewide landscaping, including plantings, landscape lighting and irrigation was awarded to DJM-Merlo JV LLC in St. Louis Feb. 29 for $13,582,175.

The contract for the visitors parking lot was awarded to Pugsley Byrne JV2 LLC of Brighton, Ill., Feb. 14, for $4,642,191. The project includes paving, curb and gutter, storm drainage systems, site lighting and blue light systems for an access drive and parking lot for the Visitor Control Center to accommodate approximately 350 vehicles.

Awarding the final two contracts for the new facility marks a significant milestone for the project, which began construction in fall 2019 and is scheduled to open in 2025, says NGA’s Frank Cooper, program director for the project.

“We are glad to see the remaining pieces of the project coming together with the award of our final projects,” Cooper said. “We are in the last 2 years of our preparations and are looking forward to the move.”

At the site, construction continues this spring, as office areas, hallways and conference rooms are being painted, carpeted and furnished.

Source: NGA

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