Palantir awarded contract to build TITAN prototype

On June 28, Denver, CO-based Palantir Technologies Inc. announced that it is one of two companies awarded a prime contract by the Army to build a prototype for the Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN), the first Intelligence ground station enabled by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML). The $36 million contract award is for the competitive prototyping phase that will span 14 months.

The TITAN program brings together a variety of systems, technologies, and vendors to ensure scalability. Palantir’s Modular Open System Architecture (MOSA) will be the critical backbone that provides correlation, fusion, and integration of sensor data alongside insights from AI/ML overlaid at the tactical edge. With TITAN, the Army will be able to merge varied data from a rapidly proliferating series of sensors, enabling frontline forces to gain situational awareness and make real-time decisions at transformative speeds. This effort is a critical enabler that advances the Army towards JADC2 and deters the near-peer threat.

“Now more than ever, the nation’s warriors and allies are being asked to make more decisions, at a faster speed, with more available data,” said Aki Jain, president of Palantir USG. “TITAN is the crucial combination of the Defense Industry’s best technology from both emerging and enduring DOD partners, and we’re proud to serve as a non-traditional prime contractor for this effort.”

This award is a successful progression of the Army’s competitive software-centric approach to the January 2021 design phase of the TITAN Program in which both Palantir and Raytheon were selected for a 12-month competitive effort. Both vendors will build a prototype in the next phase for evaluation and testing by soldiers and the community.

As a non-traditional prime contractor, Palantir is committed in its approach, the company said, to partnering with the nation’s best traditional and non-traditional partners like Anduril Industries, L3 Harris, Pacific Defense, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Strategic Technology Consulting, and World Wide Technology to build open and interoperable systems for the military operator at lower cost points. Palantir’s MOSA approach allows for integration of vendor capabilities, like SpaceX’s Starlink system or Forcepoint’s security offerings, to be onboarded and offboarded as needed, ensuring the seamless collection and sharing of Intelligence across the Army, Joint Force, and Intelligence community from Joint, Space, Aerial, and terrestrial sensors.

Source: Palantir

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