OSIsoft’s PI system deployed by NIST National Cyber Center of Excellence

OSIsoftOSIsoft, LLC, of San Leandro, CA announced on January 26 that The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) National Cyber Center of Excellence (NCCoE) is deploying the PI System to accelerate integration and adoption of standards-based cybersecurity tools. OSIsoft’s ability to manage data from diverse operations technology (OT) and information technology (IT) sources will help ensure that secure, practical and scalable technologies are implemented throughout the nation’s cyber infrastructure. NIST’s selection is representative of the deployment of the PI System throughout critical infrastructure and key resource sectors.

Project Performance Company (PPC), a longstanding NIST service provider and OSIsoft integration partner, is managing the implementation and configuration of the PI System, which includes testing of its varied data sources.

“The PI System is well positioned to help NIST accomplish its mission at the NCCoE,” said Steven Sarnecki, vice president of federal and public sector at OSIsoft. “By utilizing our deep bench of almost 500 interfaces to different industrial control systems and data sources, U.S. cybersecurity management systems can be transformed from disconnected silos of information to an integrated, near-real-time situational awareness platform.”

The vast majority of the nation’s energy and industrial companies are already using the PI System to improve the security of their OT by detecting emerging anomalous conditions and taking corrective action before problems arise.

“A key benefit of deploying the PI System at the NCCoE is the ability to share findings in a collaborative environment that will help accelerate adoption of state-of-the-art cyber technologies in line with NIST’s mission,” said Paul Strasser, chief executive officer at PPC. “We are looking forward to realizing results.”

Source: OSIsoft, LLC Federal