Orbit Logic to support DARC project

On April 26, Greenbelt, MD-based Orbit Logic announced that it is supporting Northrop Grumman to develop, test and deliver a Deep-Space Advanced Radar Capability (DARC) in support of the U.S. Space Force (USSF) Space Systems Command (SSC) Space Domain Awareness mission.

DARC operations will leverage Orbit Logic’s Heimdall software solution for optimized sensor planning and scheduling for space situational/domain awareness (SSA/SDA). Heimdall will be configured and augmented for DARC and based on Orbit Logic’s mature COTS software products including the Collection Planning & Analysis Workstation (CPAW) collection planning optimization engine, Order Logic Web App multi-user interface, STK Scheduler multi-purpose planning tool, and Autonomous Planning System (APS) autonomy architecture.

Heimdall will take into account capabilities, constraints, and mission objectives/requirements to allow DARC to make better decisions to make more efficient use of sensor resources, leading to an improved catalog and higher-quality, more actionable information about objects, events, and scenarios of interest.

DARC will augment the military’s space surveillance network as an additional sensor with increased capacity and capability to monitor deep space objects and eventually provide full global coverage. The initial DARC contract includes the design, development and delivery of a Site 1 system, expected to be completed in 2025. There may be a follow-on of two additional sites strategically placed around the world.

Source: Orbit Logic

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