Oracle expands government cloud for IC

Redwood City, CA-based Oracle announced on September 16 a major expansion of the Oracle Government Cloud with the addition of National Security Regions for US Intelligence Community (IC) and Department of Defense (DoD) customers.

These regions were developed to address IC and DoD needs at DISA Impact Level 6, Secret and Top Secret security levels, with capabilities including strong encryption, in-depth auditing, and robust security controls. Oracle National Security Regions support both ICD 705 and ICD 503 requirements. Oracle’s Cloud Network Operations Center (CNOC) is accredited for Secret and Top Secret data and is operated by appropriately-cleared personnel.

Oracle Cloud provides customers with a compelling array of advanced technology, including high performance data analytics at massive scale, machine learning-enabled applications, integrated security tools, automated analytics, and Oracle Autonomous Database. Oracle’s EverythingEverywhere initiative drives technical and operational parity across commercial and Government regions.

“Oracle is proud to offer National Security Regions to the DoD and IC to help securely run their most-demanding, mission-critical classified workloads. These cloud regions offer the industry’s fastest growing suite of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS in a highly-secured classified cloud environment,” said Glen Dodson, senior vice president of Oracle’s National Security Group.

These National Security Regions augment Oracle’s five unclassified Government cloud regions which are FedRAMP High and DoD Impact Level 5 authorized, as well as Oracle’s 20 global cloud regions spanning five continents.  Oracle Cloud Infrastructure-Government Cloud has achieved dozens of certifications and attestations for key security standards around the globe, including SOC, ISO, PCI, and HIPAA. These compliance programs, validated by independent third-party auditors, demonstrate Oracle’s commitment to security and to addressing the needs of government customers.