OneWeb and Kymeta hold SATCOM demo

On June 18, OneWeb Technologies Inc., a provider of innovative and secure commercial satellite communications (SATCOM) solutions and the U.S. proxy for Eutelsat Group, and Kymeta Corporation announced a sea trial of Eutelsat OneWeb low Earth Orbit (LEO) SATCOM service aboard the U.S. Navy USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72). The evaluation is showcasing OneWeb Technologies’ and Kymeta’s innovative satellite communications solutions tailored to meet the rigorous demands of maritime connectivity.

Through the evaluation, OneWeb Technologies and Kymeta will showcase their capacity to deliver resilient, high-bandwidth, low-latency SATCOM services within the challenging maritime environment. The trial provides critical insights into the integration of OneWeb Technologies and Kymeta’s solutions with existing Navy systems, paving the way for potential future procurement opportunities.

OneWeb Technologies and Kymeta are participating in a sea trial that can support Navy programs dedicated to making their operations and personal communications easier and more secure, such as its “Sailor Edge Afloat and Ashore” program. The trial will feature the Kymeta™ u8 LEO terminals which offer high-speed, low-latency pole-to-pole broadband connectivity over the Eutelsat OneWeb network.

“We are honored to support the mission of the USS Abraham Lincoln and to collaborate with the U.S. Navy to showcase the capabilities of the OneWeb constellation,” said Jonathan George, senior director, business development, OneWeb Technologies. “This trial will not only enable the Navy to benefit from our secure, reliable services for their critical operations, but also ensure the ship’s Sailors are able to communicate with their families and friends back home. We wish the Abe safe travels and fair winds on its journey and are grateful to the Navy for this opportunity.”

“Accessible, resilient and reliable communications are essential to every facet of life at sea for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps team. Enabling the Sailors and Marines on the USS Abraham Lincoln to conduct Operations, Logistics, Moral and Welfare while underway at sea is critical to the commander’s ability to project combat power and ensure informed decision making in support of our national interests,” said Nick Oren, Kymeta’s strategic solutions director – USMC/USN, who is a 30-year, retired Marine master gunnery sergeant.

OneWeb Technologies provides secure, innovative and customized satellite communication services to governments and enterprises worldwide. Through its combination with Eutelsat America Corp. (EAC) and its GEO partners, OneWeb Technologies offers unparalleled, reliable multiorbit satellite solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of its clients. Kymeta is providing its proven, software-defined, fully integrated, multi-path, communications-on-the-move, electronically steered array (ESA) terminals for this evaluation.

Source: OneWeb

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