OmniEarth and Nearmap announce teaming arrangement

OmniOmniEarth, based in Arlington, VA, announced on June 27 a partnership with Nearmap for nationwide high-resolution aerial imagery in support of their planned analytics products expansion. Nearmap, who has increased American coverage over the past two years, captures imagery for nearly 70% of the US population at 2.8-inch GSD – far better than satellite imagery providing unrivaled clarity, precision and detail.

The Nearmap agreement provides a crucial component of OmniEarth’s expansion strategy. OmniEarth is expanding their core OmniParcel™ knowledge base nationwide and integrating OmniParcels into products beyond water management, such as the insurance and asset monitoring industries. OmniParcels contains the core data behind the company’s extremely successful water resource management analytics.

Proprietary machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques allow OmniEarth to quickly and very accurately analyze imagery over large areas on a parcel-by-parcel basis, but lack of high-resolution imagery was limiting their ability to scale nationwide. Before the agreement, OmniEarth was chartering aerial imagery on an as-needed basis – which is impractical for nationwide coverage. According to company president and CEO, Lars Dyrud, “The Nearmap agreement gives our subscribers unprecedented insight and clarity. Our land classification accuracy averages between 95-99%, but requires extremely high-resolution imagery to highlight property details.”

Source: OmniEarth