ODNI releases new video highlighting supply chain risks from foreign entities

NCSCOn August 11, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a new video highlighting foreign risks to private sector security chains.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s National Counterintelligence and Security Center has publicly released a video highlighting the threats foreign entities pose to the private sector’s supply chain and to the public sector organizations that utilize private sector goods and services. The video, which debuted last month at a Supply Chain Risk Management conference that included senior U.S. telecommunications officials, coincides with other NCSC efforts to help government and industry address supply chain risks.

NCSC leads the integration of the U.S. government’s counterintelligence and security activities for the common purpose of countering foreign intelligence threats to information and assets critical to our nation’s security. NCSC provides counterintelligence outreach to U.S. government and private sector entities, as well as issues public warnings regarding intelligence threats to the U.S.

The video raises awareness of increased risk to supply chains due to the evolving dependence on globally sourced commercial information and technologies for mission critical systems and services. The risks are passed to end users through products and services that may contain defective, counterfeit or otherwise tainted components—such as compromised telecommunications equipment.

“Our adversaries are trying to figure out what U.S. industry—whether telecom or defense—will be doing three years from now,” said Bill Evanina, director of NCSC. That is why NCSC and the ODNI are trying to find creative ways to help U.S. industry protect its supply chain and thereby help protect America.”

In addition to the video, NCSC will help federal agencies and industry through several other measures, including:

  • Providing threat briefings to government partners and eventually to industry;

  • Developing a SCRM blueprint for executive branch agencies, which can also apply to any organization that acquires goods and services; and

  • Developing a SCRM publicly available on-line training course that will introduce government partners and interested industry to SCRM and the elementary efforts they can use to protect their acquisition processes against supply chain subversion.

To see the video, please see the following link:  Supply Chain Risk Management
Source: ODNI