ODNI posts FY 2022-2026 investment landscape RFI

On February 28, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) issued the FY 2022-2026 ODNI S&T Investment Landscape RFI. Responses are due by 4:00 p.m. Eastern on May 28.

The Science and Technology Group (STG) within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) is committed to ensuring that promising science and technology (S&T) development opportunities and investment portfolios align with Intelligence Community (IC) capability needs.  To support this goal, ODNI has published the FY2022–2026 ODNI S&T Investment Landscape to identify and project IC-wide needs. This latest version of the Landscape builds on the successes of ODNI’s FY2015–2019 IC S&T Landscape, which served to identify and champion IC-wide needs and, in conjunction with ODNI’s Intelligence Science and Technology Partnership (In-STeP) program, provided an opportunity for IC leaders and stakeholders, such as the National Intelligence Managers, to directly affect the allocation of the IC’s and industry’s research and development (R&D) resources.

In this RFI, STG requests ideas on emerging technologies and novel approaches to meet these needs.  Additionally, comments on the Landscape as well as descriptions of approaches and investment strategies for meeting IC needs beyond those listed in the Landscape will be considered.  These comments, approaches, and concepts will be reviewed, compiled, and made available to the Director of National Intelligence Science and Technology Committee (NISTC)—the standing body for the coordination and communication of S&T priorities and R&D investments across the IC.  NISTC members include the principal science advisors of the IC elements.  Further, these inputs will be used to support and inform the ODNI’s S&T Investment Planning Guidance processes, affording an opportunity for respondents to help shape the future trajectory of IC capabilities.

A critical consideration in crafting the FY2022–2026 ODNI S&T Investment Landscape was to identify and aggregate as many intelligence needs from across the IC as possible.  To accomplish this objective, STG staff sought to identify intelligence needs from a variety of sources with differing perspectives including Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Program Management, Specialized Customers, and Field End-Users.

Pursuing the technologies needed to achieve success in the IC’s mission is a key responsibility of the IC S&T enterprise.  Future operators, analysts, and decision makers will face a complex and interconnected web of challenges for which today’s technical capabilities may prove inadequate.  Accordingly, STG is particularly interested in obtaining U.S. industry SMEs’ views on technologies and approaches that could meet the IC needs outlined in the FY2022–2026 ODNI S&T Investment Landscape.

This RFI is intended to obtain U.S. industry’s views on those technologies and techniques which may address IC needs to guide IC S&T investment opportunities through FY26 and beyond.

Review the ODNI investment landscape RFI.

Source: SAM

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