Octo unveils new corporate headquarters in Reston, VA

Octo Consulting Group announced on August 15 that it has opened its new corporate headquarters in Reston, Virginia. The new 25,000-square-foot, $2M facility is located in the heart of the government technology corridor.

“Octo is committed to being the federal market’s premiere IT modernization provider. Our new headquarters not only supports our rapid expansion, but has afforded us the opportunity to invest in the type of state-of-the art facility that will allow us to ideate, design, and deliver solutions even more rapidly for clients,” said Mehul Sanghani, chief executive officer, Octo. “Perhaps most exciting is that the new office will house our ‘OLabs’ innovation laboratory. The lab and showcase space will offer greater collaboration opportunities for our employees, partners, and customers and be critical to the continued development of the next generation of modernization solutions for the federal government.”

Octo has been recognized as one of the federal market’s fastest growing firms and has hired more than 130 employees over the past 18 months as government agencies have increased their needs for solutions to modernize aging IT infrastructure.

The new space will allow Octo to continue to find ways to apply innovative technology solutions to government agency problems. Over the past several years, Octo has been hosting hackathons for both private and public sector partners that focus on developing specific solutions in short time frames to address tangible problems facing government agencies. The most recent hackathon winner in May developed a DevOps dashboard that has since been integrated into several client environments.

“This new facility represents an important milestone in our overall growth strategy,” Sanghani added. “I take great pride in driving down the Dulles Toll Road and seeing our logo among the other contractors who play such a prominent role in advancing the mission of the government.”

Source: Octo