Ocient partners with Carahsoft

On June 29, Chicago, IL-based Ocient announced it has partnered with Carahsoft Technology Corp. to bring hyperscale data warehouse, analytics and machine learning capabilities to U.S. federal, state/local governments and higher education organizations.

Carahsoft will serve as the U.S. government distributor for Ocient leveraging Carahsoft’s reseller partners and contracts including NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) V, Information Technology Enterprise Solutions – Software 2 (ITES- SW2) and OMNIA Partners, the nation’s largest cooperative purchasing organization for the public sector.

In tandem with the partnership, Ocient is introducing the Ocient Government Early Adopter Program. The program includes training and enablement on the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse and pricing incentives for early adopters to immediately begin accelerating and improving their analytics and insights.

With Ocient and Carahsoft, U.S. government agencies can now modernize their analytics and data platforms and accelerate digital transformation while simultaneously reducing costs. Powered by the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse, Ocient’s end-to-end data analytics solutions are designed to address the growing need for organizations to rapidly harness an ever-increasing volume of data from disparate sources and execute previously infeasible workloads to inform mission-critical decisions in interactive time.

“Ocient is thrilled to partner with Carahsoft to provide instant insights from hyperscale data sets to satisfy the complex, big-data requirements within the U.S. government,” said Chris Gladwin, co-founder and CEO, Ocient. “We look forward to also partnering with our customers and reseller and integrator partners to help them derive more value from data and improve their operations and service to citizens.”

“As the pace of AI development continues to increase, the government must adapt and respond to the adoption of the new technologies,” said Michael Adams, director of Carahsoft’s AI/ML Solutions Portfolio. “The addition of Ocient aligns seamlessly with Carahsoft’s comprehensive AI and machine learning solutions portfolio by providing government agencies with advanced hyperscale data analytics solutions to modernize their technology infrastructure. We look forward to working with Ocient and our resellers to help agencies achieve their objectives for analytics and digital transformation.”

Government use cases powered by Ocient’s hyperscale data analytics solutions include:

  • Lawful intercept and lawful intelligence
  • Cybersecurity and anomaly detection
  • Log and sensor data collection and analysis
  • Weather and climate change study and reporting
  • Geospatial calculation and analysis

Ocient’s hyperscale data analytics solutions can be deployed either on-premises, in the cloud or as a managed service in the OcientCloud to consolidate multiple workloads on a single platform for maximum efficiency and security. Ocient is available to train and help government customers develop their desired solutions to gain real-time insights from hyperscale data sets.

Source: Ocient

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